Setting up Direct Communication

To use the functionality of direct communication the service must be enabled from the assisted bank account setup. For a smooth signup process, it's recommended that you read the Prerequisites before setting up direct communication.

For more information about direct communication see the article Bank Communication.


Before you start setting up direct communication for a bank account, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • The Direct Communication module must be activated in your Payment Management subscription. For more information on how to activate modules in Business Central see Continia Solution Management. If you are using the on-premises version of Business Central, the license granule "6.016.860 - Continia Payment Management Direct Communication" must have been added to your license file. For more information, see Managing Licenses.
  • Your company must be activated as a production company, as you cannot use direct communication in a test company, sandbox, or in a demo environment.
  • You must have Payment Management 365 Administrator credentials. This permission set is required for setting up Payment Management and running the assisted Bank Account Setup.


Additional prerequisites for enabling direct communication may exist for your bank as some banks require a certificate or token to authenticate the connection to Business Central, while other banks use a digital service such as Bizcuit and TietoEVRY. You can localize your bank in the Bank Integration to read more about the prerequisites for onboarding your bank to direct communication.

To set up direct communication

The Direct Communication service is configured in the assisted bank account setup. In the guide, on the bank account overview, you can choose the preferred type of communication by using the dropdown menu in the Communication column. When having enabled direct communication for the bank account you must choose Next to begin the configuration of direct communication.

You'll find a detailed description of the prerequisites and information needed to configure direct communication for your bank in the Bank Integration.

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