Simplified UI with updated and improved captions

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Simplified UI with updated and improved captionsCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021-


The UI updates are part of Payment Management version

We are constantly working on making Payment Management even more user-friendly and intuitive. In that regard Payment Management has been undertaken a thorough review of the user interface, for several page layouts, captions and tooltips.

Especially the Payment Management Setup page has been made simpler, and several settings have been moved to separate setup pages, which can be accessed from the action bar of the Payment Management setup page.

All texts such as descriptions, messages, captions and tooltips have been examined with the intention to make the solution more intuitive and easily understood.

For you this means that you might have to navigate to another page than normally to find a specific setting, and that actions and boxes might have other captions than what you are used to see.

We are aware that this can be challenging for a short amount of time, however we are confident this will make the overall experience of working with Payment Management even more great.

This is a continuous process, and we expect to have more of these improvements coming for the next year.