How can I solve the IBAN not found error for Rabobank


When I try to communicate with Rabobank to import bank statements or export payments, I encounter an error about an IBAN that was not found:

De volgende fout is opgetreden voor Bankrekening RABO-D-XXX met IBAN NLXXRABO0XXXXXXXXX: No account was found from the supplied IBAN

Why does this error occur, and how can I solve it?


An issue with the refresh token likely causes this error. When directly communicating with Rabobank, it is necessary to authenticate the web service connection between Business Central and Rabobank using a token.

To make sure the authentication is set up correctly:

  1. Check the existence of the Refresh Token.xml file in the File Archive:
    • if present, it's likely that the refresh token has expired. Refresh tokens expire after 30 days and are updated automatically when used.
    • If not present, the issue might have originated from the bank account not being linked to the certificate during the initial setup.
  2. To resolve these issues, first delete the authentication access key: go to the bank card, and on the action bar, select Connection > Authentication Access Key.
  3. On the Authentication Access Keys page, select the access key, and on the action bar, select Delete Authentication Access Key.
  4. Now rerun the Bank Account Assisted Setup.