How can I solve a timestamp error


I am trying to post a purchase document and get the following error:

Maximum 16 characters are allowed in timestamp


This error typically occurs when the payment journal generates a value that references a field that does not exist in the purchase document undergoing validation. These fields usually include the Sender Reference or Recipient Reference fields.

To solve this issue:

  1. Check whether the Sender Reference Template Code has been defined - fix the error by choosing another sender reference definition code: SEND-REF3. To do this, go to the Bank Account Card, and on the Transfer FastTab, navigate to the Sender Reference Template Code field and select SEND-REF3.

  2. Check whether the Recipient Reference Template Code has been defined - verify if it is the recipient reference or external document number that exceeds the permissible character count. If so, create a new reference code that accommodates a shorter character length. To do this, go to the Payment Notification Setup and add a template for the short notification. Go to the Recipient Reference Template field, and on the Template Field Property page, set the length for the External Document No..