How can I fix the account statement import error?


I'm experiencing difficulties with the account statement import while reconciling the bank account. The following error message was displayed:

The import process was interrupted

What could be the possible reasons for the interruption of the account statement import process?


The error message you encountered indicates a mismatch between starting and ending balances of the statements, triggered during an attempt to import multiple statements. Possible reasons for this interruption include files being imported in the wrong order or corrected/deleted lines in previously imported statements. Here's how to resolve the issue:

Identify discrepancies:

To find out what statement is causing the error, you can use a filter to display the account statements available in the system for the account that you are trying to import:

  1. Go to Bank Export Data, and set the following filter:

    • Record Type: Accounts Statement
    • Record Subtype: Header
    • IBAN/BBAN: enter the account number with a preceding asterisk: *account number
  2. Verify the starting and ending balance columns. Normally, the ending balance of the previous account statement should match the starting balance of the subsequent statement. If there is a discrepancy, it is likely to be the cause of the error.


    If you want to know date range covered by a specific account statement, select the corresponding header line and remove the Record Subtype filter.

Resolve mix-ups:

Once you detected the statement that caused the error, such as a duplicated or old statement, you can modify Statement Intelligence to import multiple bank account statements in the same reconciliation manually:

  1. To manually import multiple bank account statements into the same reconciliation, go to Statement Intelligence Setup and apply the following settings:

    • Multiple Bank Statements - enabled

    • Create New Reconciliation - disabled

    • Import all Available Statements - disabled

  2. Import the statements one at a time until you identify the misplaced account statement.

  3. Create a new reconciliation, select Import and delete the misplaced statement. Mark it as imported before importing the next statement.

For more information about reconciliation processes, refer to the Importing and Reconciling Bank Statements article.