Payment method list

In Continia Payment Management, the payment methods belonging to a bank, are created after you have imported your bank's bank setup. In Payment Management a complete payment method overview has been defined, containing all payment methods for all those banks and bank branches that have been integrated with Payment Management.

There is, of course, a difference in what the individual banks and bank branches offer in terms of payment methods. Therefore, there is also a difference in what Payment Management supports in terms of payment methods for the individual banks. When you import the setup of your bank, the payment methods supported by the bank will be activated.

Which payment methods are supported by Continia Payment Management

Payment Management supports the most common payment methods which are supported by the banks, i.e. domestic account transfer, OCR-related payments and general foreign account transfers.


It is recommended that you do not change the setup of payment methods that are imported through the bank setup files. If you have suggestions for changes or improvements to the payment methods for a specific bank, you are always welcome to contact Continias solution manager.

How to access the Payment Method List

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport, type in Continia Payment Management, and select the related link.
  2. Then select Payment Method and then List.
  3. This opens the window Payment Method List.
  4. Below you'll find descriptions of the fields and functions in the window.
  5. When you have finished the setup, select Close.

One of the basic windows in Payment Management is the Payment Method List. In it you'll find all available payment methods, and thus an overview of all possible ways in which a vendor can be paid. In the overview there are several different levels, groups etc.

CodeThis field contains the unique code for each payment method. It will always be the same code for the individual payment method across the banks.
DescriptionIn this field you will find a description of the individual payment method. Based on the description, you can choose the most appropriate method for your payment. We have tried to describe the payment methods as close to the banks' naming as possible.

At the right side of the window you'll also find a fact box, in which there is a further description about the payment method.
TypeThis field indicates the type of the given line, as not all lines in the overview are actual payment methods. Some lines are used for payment method section and sorting of payment methods.
The types are as follows:

Payment Method
From payment method
To payment method
ActiveThis field indicates whether the given payment method is active. Only active payment methods can be selected for a payment. You cannot change information on the Payment Method List.

Since the payment method overview shows all payment methods in Payment Management, you have the opportunity here to see which payment methods are active for the banks that you have loaded.

All payment methods that apply to a bank can be activated and deactivated from the bank card, by checking the box In Use.

If you want to block the use of a payment method for a bank, you can use the function Block the use of Payment Methods on a bank account, which can be found on the bank account card.

If a payment method that has already been applied to a payment is deactivated, the validation of the payment will result in an error.
Payment Method Group CodeHere you specify which Payment Method Group the payment method is associated with.

A Payment Method Group can be used as a help, to automatically fill-in payment information on the vendor.
Country CodeHidden field - Open the window Payment method card.

Used when you want to filter the list of payment methods shown in the payment journal. By entering a country code here and on the vendors payment information, the list of payment methods shown in the payment journal will be filtered to only show those payment methods that have the same country code as on the vendor.
ManualHidden field - Open the window Payment method card.

Indicates that payments with this payment method should not be sent to the bank. Can be used if the transfer is performed in another way, for example if the vendor has a direct-debit agreement where the vendor collects the money himself.

Actions on the window

At the top of the window, you'll find the following features specific to Payment Management:

CardOpens the window Payment Method Card, which shows the same fields as shown in the overview but on a Payment Method Card.
Ledger EntriesOpens the window Payment Ledger Entries, where you can see an overview of the entries located on the selected payment method.

Both paid entries and entries ready for payment are displayed. The window allows you to quickly find documentation of what and by whom, for example, expensive foreign payments have been used.
StatisticsOpens the Payment Method Statistics window, in which you'll find statistics on the payment method you have selected.

The statistics are displayed collectively and periodically, this year and last year for the fields:
Amount (LCY)
Fee (LCY)
No. of Payment
No. of Collected Payments
Avg. Amount (LCY)
Avg. Fee (LCY)

The figures can for example be used when negotiating fees with your bank.
FeeOpens the window Payment Method Fee, where you can define which fees are charged for different payment methods. The fee may be imposed as a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount.
Pmt. method descriptionOpens the Payment Method Description Window, which shows the different descriptions created on the selected payment method.