The Statement Intelligence module

With the Statement Intelligence module it is possible to import electronic statements from your bank. The Continia Payment Management solution enables you to reconcile bank accounts easily and efficiently.

More "Intelligence" with Statement Intelligence

But Statement Intelligence is more than just reconciling your bank account. Continia has built-in a wide range of help features that make reconciling your bank account much easier and far more efficient than the standard edition of Business Central on-premises offers.

Let's just mention some of the features:

  • Intelligent and automatic creation or transfer of lines for the cash receipt journal and the general Journal (fees, interest, etc.)
  • Ability to automatically transfer currency differences to the general journal.
  • Ability to set up merge rules
  • Set up customer and bank-specific reconciliation rules.
  • New advanced way to merges credit card transactions.
  • Reconciliation methods for both customer and vendor.
  • Detailed preview of the notification.
  • History of statement import (electronic statements are stored).
  • File archive directly in Continia Payment Management enables you to access imported statements from the bank.
  • Possibility of setting up access control for the file archive

You can read more detailed descriptions of the individual functions on the pages below.

How the reconciliation works

When an electronic statement is imported into Payment Management, Statement Intelligence will try to find the corresponding bank account entries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises.

If the bank account ledger entry is posted, it will automatically be reconciled. If the bank account ledger entry is not posted, the program will create a suggestion for the bank account ledger entry, such as payments, interest, fees, and more.

When finished, Payment Management is completely synchronous with your bank accounts.