Module overview and function descriptions

Module List

Continia Payment Management consists of two modules; Basic module and Statement Intelligence module. The Basic module contains all basic setup for Payment Management, and this module is required to purchase and use the Statement Intelligence module.

ModulesDescriptionGranul name
Continia Payment Management Basic)The Basic module covers a wide range of functionalities that facilitate and streamline the payment process using direct communication with the bank.Continia Payment Management Basic
Continia Statement IntelligenceThe Statement Intelligence module is used to import electronic statements to reconcile bank accounts, as well as to apply deposits from customers paid to the accountContinia Statement Intelligence

Why is Continia Payment Management split into modules?

The objective of splitting Payment Management up in modules are:

  • You can start with the basic module and later buy more advanced features
  • You only pay for what you use
  • You will only see the fields and buttons used by the modules you have access to

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