SEB, Manual Communication

On this page you will find relevant information about integration with SEB Sweden for Payment Management.

Available payment methods

Payment Management supports the most common payment methods for this bank. The complete list can be seen here

The list is constantly updated as new methods are added.

Import Payment Management's bank setup

Below you can see which setup file you need to load to communicate with the bank:

TypeBank CodeFilename
SEBISO SEBBankdata - Jyske Bank - Manual Upload x.xx.xx.xml
  • Note that x.xx.xx replaces the version number of the file.


The setup files can be found in the product package under XML Bank Setup.

Agreement with your bank regarding exchanging files

A prerequisite for you to be able to import payment files, status files and statements for your Payment Management is that your bank creates and delivers the right files for you.

At your bank, you need to create a file exchange agreement.

Use the table below to help identify your file needs when creating this agreement.

TypeIf you want toCommentOrder the following from the bank
Payment ReceiptsImport paymentsA specified debit description of the customer's payments.ISO Camt.054
Bank Account ReconciliationImport Bank StatementAccount statement with a detailed description of all yesterday's transactions. One file is ordered per. account.ISO Camt.053

Information on bank cards

In the table below, you can see how the information should be handled according to your bank.

Field on Bank cardInformation from the bankComment
UsernameMust not be filled in
PasswordMust not be filled in
Vendor No.Should not be filled in
Bank IdentificationEDI number (14 digits)Must be filled in
Web Service FolderMust not be filled in

Information on bank account card

The following fields must be filled in on the bank account card in Payment Management.

Fast tabField on the Bank Account CardDescription
GeneralBank Branch Code..Must not be filled in.
Bank Account No..Must be filled in.
CommunicationCountry/Region CodeMust be filled in.
PostingCurrency CodeMust only be filled in if the account is held in a currency that is different from LCY.
TransferBIC/SWIFT CodeMust be filled in.
IBANMust be filled in if you make international payments.
Bank CodeReference to your Bank Card

For further instructions on the other fields on the Bank Account Card, see section Creating a Bank Account.

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