This article describes which online banking solutions Payment Management supports for Handelsbanken, as well as in which countries Continia offers these integrations.

Handelsbanken offers three different solutions: the traditional online bank "Netbank Erhverv" solution that can only make domestic payments, "Global On-Line" which, as the saying goes, can make local and foreign payments from accounts in other countries, and the local Norwegian version Online Business Plus. Payments with "Global On-Line" can be made both from an account in Handelsbanken or from an account in one of their partner banks.

Handelsbanken Denmark and Bank Connect

Handelsbanken in Denmark, via their collaboration with BEC, is also part of Bank Connect, which is a collaboration between the Regional Bankers' Association, Local Banks, and the three data centers SDC, BEC, and Bankdata. Danish Netbank Erhverv customers will therefore have to use the Bank Connects solution for direct communication with Payment Management.

Handelsbanken Norway and Tietoevry

Handelsbanken in Norway collaborates with Tietoevry on the operation and maintenance of Handelsbankens integration with Nettbedrift Pluss. The collaboration means that integration to Payment Management via the Nettbedrift Pluss solution in Norway is operated and supported by Tietoevry.

Supported solutions

In the table below you can see a list of the online banking solutions that the bank offers and which are supported by Payment Management. If you want to know more about how to set up the integration to your online bank, here you will find links to the articles that describe how to set up either manual communication via file exchange or direct communication.

The articles contain a review of the prerequisites that must be met in order for you to use the integration as well as a detailed guide that guides you through the entire setup.

You should be aware that your options for paying creditors, loading status files, deposit files, and account statements depend entirely on whether you choose manual communication via file exchange or direct communication. If you are in doubt about the difference between the two methods, read more in our article Easy and secure sending of payments and receipt of status.

Online banking solutionIntegrationIntegratorSupported countriesFrom PM version
Netbank ErhvervManual communicationDK, FI, SE2.75
Direct communikationBank Connect, BECDK, FI, SE2.75
Global On-LineManual communicationDK, FI, NL, NO, SE2.75
Direct communikationHandelsbankenDK, FI, NL, NO, SE2.75
Nettbedrift PlussManual communicationNO6.01
Direct communikationTietoevryNO6.01

  1. Handelsbanken is licensed to operate in several countries and is therefore also represented with local branches in several of these countries. We support direct communication for Handelsbanken Holland if you have an agreement with a Handelsbanken in the Nordic region. Payments from the Netherlands to the Netherlands, and from the Netherlands to abroad, will in that case be supported by direct communication. The local Nettbedrift Pluss in Norway also only supports manual and direct communication in Norway.

Available payment methods

Payment Management supports the most common payment methods for this bank. The complete list (Excel spreadsheet) can be downloaded here. The list is constantly updated as new methods are added.

Do you need help?

If you need help setting up the integration for your online banking solution in Payment Management, contact your Microsoft Dynamics partner. Continia Software has more than 15,000 active licenses worldwide, and in order to help the many customers in the best possible way, we have a partner model, which means that our solutions are delivered and supported by Microsoft Dynamics partners.

Contact your bank if you need help setting up or using your online banking solution, ordering files at the bank, renewing a certificate, or re-ordering bank statements.

If you experience problems with the integration with Handelsbanken, you can contact support or your bank adviser.

InfoNetbank ErhvervGlobal On-LineNettbedrift Pluss
Link to homepageHandelsbanken.dkHandelsbanken.dkHandelsbanken.no
SupportDK +45 44 56 44 40
SE +46 0771-77 88 99
FI +358 010 444 2545
DK +45 46 79 12 75
SE +46 0771-77 88 99
FI +358 010 444 2545
NO +47 22 39 79 00
(Uden for normal åbningstid
+47 22 39 78 00)
NO +47 22 39 79 00
(Uden for normal åbningstid
+47 22 39 78 00)
Link to Handelsbankens operational statusHandelsbanken operational statusHandelsbanken operational statusHandelsbanken operational status