Handelsbanken offers the following payment solution - here you can see the file exchange options that the solution offers and which Payment Management supports. Click on the link to access bank-specific information.

TypeSupported communication with the bank
Netbank ErhvervDirect communication
Manual file exchange
Global On-LineDirekte Kommunikation
Manuel filudveksling

Handelsbanken offers two different solutions - the traditional online bank "Netbank Erhverv" and "Global On-Line". With Global On-Line you can make local and foreign payments from accounts in other countries. Payments can be made either from an account in Handelsbanken or from an account in one of their partner banks.

If you want to learn more about Direct communication, you can read more here. Regarding manual communication, the user uploads the files to the bank after exporting them locally to their own PC.

Handelsbanken belongs via BEC to Bank Connect, which is a collaboration between the Regional Bankers Association, local banks and the three data centers SDC, BEC and Bank data.

We support direct communication for Handelsbanken Holland if you have an agreement with a Handelsbanken in the Nordic region. Payments from the Netherlands to the Netherlands, and from the Netherlands to abroad, will in that case be supported by direct communication.

Contact information for Handelsbanken

If you need help handling files in the bank, you can contact the bank at the info below

InfoNetbank ErhvervGlobal On-Line
Link to websiteHandelsbanken.dkHandelsbanken.dk
Support Netbank ErhvervDK Tlf.: 44 56 44 40
SE Tlf.: +46 0771-77 88 99
FI Tlf.: +358 010 444 2545
NO Tlf.: +47 22 39 79 00 (Uden for normal åbningstid tlf.: +47 22 39 78 00)
Tel.: 46 79 12 75
Link to Handelsbanken's operating statusHandelsbanken operating statusHandelsbanken operating status