Danske Bank

Continia offers a wide range of integration with Danske Bank. Below you will find information about which online banks are supported by Payment Management and in which countries Continia offers these integrations. At the bottom of the page you will find contact information for Nordea.

Supported solutions

In the list below you can see the integration options that Continia offers and from which version of Payment Management it is supported. Click on links in the Communication column to access the specific information that applies to the selected integration.

Danske Bank solution with link to product pageCommunicationCountry 1From PM version
Danske Bank DistrictDirect and

  1. Danske Bank is licensed to operate in several countries and is therefore also represented by local branches in several of these countries. For all integrations, the customer must have an integration agreement with Danske Bank in one of the Nordic countries.

If you what to learn more about Direct communication, you can read more here. Regarding manual communication, the user uploads the files to the bank after exporting them locally to their own PC.

Contact information for Danske Bank

If you need help handling files in the bank, you can contact the bank at the info below. Danske Bank supports customers according to their primary affiliation, so for example a Danish customer who has questions about payments in Norway should contact the Danish support.

Link to websiteDanskebank.dk
Danske Bank.se
Danske Bank.co.uk
Danske Bank.com
Customer serviceDenmark: 70 114 115
Finland +358 100 2580
Norway +47 987 06030
Sweden +46 0752-48 49 30
Link to operating statusDanske Bank operating status