Overview of upgrade guides

When you need to upgrade to a new version of Continia Payment Management, in some cases you may need to perform some additional actions both before and after installing the new version.

Links to the specific upgrade guides can be found below:

When upgrading fromGuide
Payment Management version 4.01 to version to 5.00Upgrade to version 5.00
Payment Management version 3.01 to version 4.00 & 4.01Upgrade to version 4.00 & 4.01
Payment Management version 2.75 to version 3.01Upgrade to version 3.01
Payment Management version 2.70.01 to version 2.75Upgrade to version 2.75
Payment Management version 2.70 to version 2.70.01Upgrade to version 2.70.01
Payment Management version 2.60 to version 2.70Upgrade to version 2.70
Payment Management version 2.55 to version 2.60Upgrade to verison 2.60
Payment Management version 2.50 to version 2.55Upgrade to version 2.55
Payment Management version 2.35 to version 2.50Upgrade to version 2.50
Older version of Payment Management to version 2.35Upgrade to version 2.35
Payment Management to Continia Payment Management 365, regardless of versionUpgrade to Continia Payment Management 365


It is a prerequisite that you have downloaded the latest product package from Continia PartnerZone and copied the files to the computer where you are going to install the components. Unpack the product package to a location of your choice and remember to check that the files are not blocked by Windows.