5157980 Installments

5157980_01 Installments

In this test a sales invoice with installment payment plan is generated. It also creates the setup data for the installment payment module.

Installment Setup

Installment templates:

The installment templates "CUST_3" and "VEND_5" are set up.

Sales Invoice:

A sales invoice is created using the installment payment template CUST_3.

5157980_01 - Test in Demo Mode

If you run the test in demo mode, the Installment Payment Templates page will open:


Use the installment payment lines to show how to set up the installment payment templates and explain the fields.

Ratenzahlungsplan DEB_3Ratenzahlungsplan KRED_5

Then go to the created sales invoice and show the entered installment payment template in the OPplus sales information.

VK Rechnung mit Ratenzahlung

Also show the preliminary installment payment plan in the OPplus sales information.

Vorläufiger Ratenzahlungsplan

Also show that the installment payment plan will only be filled when the invoice is released. Here you can also show that the installment payment plan can be modified, deleted and also newly created. You can show that you can print the installment plan. More information can be found in the manual OPplus Installment.

5157980_01 - Test without Demo Mode

If you do not run the test in demo mode, the created sales invoice will be opened immediately.