Can I Restrict Which Field Values Expense Users can Select in the Continia Expense App?


Can I restrict which field values expense users can select in the Continia Expense App?


Yes, you can!

You can easily restrict field values that are available to expense users. The way to do that in Business Central is to allow access to certain field values rather than restricting access to particular field values.

Let's go through an example where a company wants to restrict which expense types that are available to the expense users:

  1. Go to Configured Fields.
  2. Under Field Code, select Expense Type.
  3. In the action bar, select Field Type.
  4. In the action bar, select Field Type > Lookup Value Access.
  5. In Value Code, select the expense type you want to allow access to. Description is automatically filled in with the currency you selected.

    Note that you need to create an entry for each expense type you want to allow access to. If you only make one line, the user/user group you define in Type will only have access to this one expense type.

  6. In Type, select a user type. You can select either user or user group. Here, it makes a lot of sense to select User Group so you don't have to apply the settings to each individual expense user.
  7. In Code, select a particular user or a user group.

This method can be used for many other fields than expense types, for example job, departments, etc.

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