Why Is the Attendees Field not Working Properly?


Why is the Attendees field not working properly in the Expense Mobile App/Expense Portal?


If it's a requirement to fill in Attendees on an expense type, but it doesn't work as expected for you in the Expense Mobile App or the Expense Portal, some steps are probably missing in the setup process.

In Business Central, check the following:

  1. Go to Expense Types.
  2. In the Attendees Required, select the checkboxes for the expense types for which attendeees should be required.
  3. Go to Field Type Dependencies.
  4. Select Process > Update System Dependencies.
  5. Lines will now appear on the page, which will make the feature work properly.
  6. Select Continia Online > Force Synchronize to push the changes to the users' devices.

The Attendees field is normally hidden until the specific expense type is selected in the Expense Portal or the Expense Mobile App.