Tips and tricks

This section contains some of the tips and tricks you might find useful in your work with Continia e-Documents Import.

This page will be updated continuously with tips and tricks when using Continia e-Documents Import.

General usage

Mismatch between the vendor name on the received document and the vendor in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises.

If an inconsistency in the vendor name from the received document compared to the name in Dynamics NAV or Business Central on premises the error log will contain an error. However, if the mismatch of the two names is allowed you can on the Document Journal page, choose the Accept Bill-To Name action. Doing this makes Continia e-Documents Import remember the name difference and permanently accepts this on future documents.

Accept price differences

When matching received documents with your purchase orders in Dynamics NAV or Business Central on premises price differences can happen. In Continia e-Documents Import you have the possibility to enable settings on the vendor setup to validate prices and price differences.

When you have enabled the setting price control on the vendor setup validation is done on the prices and any deviation beyond the one specified on the vendor setup will result in a validation error. However, there can be situations where a difference is allowed. You can use the Accept all price differences action on the Received e-Document page. Doing this will make the validation errors related to prices disappear. The acceptance of the price difference must be done on the individual received documents.

I am not using Continia Document Capture. How do I get the embedded visualization to work?

Continia e-Documents Import is intended as an add on for Continia Document Capture. When used with Continia Document Capture, Continia e-Documents Import is utilizing usage of the Continia Document Capture Component for in-Page visualization of the received electronic document. If Continia Document Capture is already configured in the database Continia e-Documents Import is going to be used in, no setup of the Continia Document Capture Client Component is needed. It is possible to register the Add-in directly in from Continia e-Documents Import, but this needs to be triggered from the object designer.

Run Codeunit 6014367 Cedo Add-in Setup. This Codeunit performs 2 steps. First it copies the Akeyto(Continia).DocumentCapture.Dynamics.Nav.dll to the standard Dynamics NAV or Business Central on premises folder for client add-ins. This location is by default “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\XX\RoleTailored Client\Add-ins\”. If a runtime is installed elsewhere, this step can be skipped simply by cancelling the file box.

Second step is to register the Continia Document Capture add in Public Key Token to “Table 2000000069 Add-in”. After completion, the Dynamics NAV or Business Central on premises client needs to be restarted.

Creating a document category in Continia Document Capture After importing the Continia e-Documents Import objects, locate and run Codeunit 6085791 Create eDocuments Category. This will add a Document Category to the Continia Document Capture Scanning & OCR page. From this page it is possible to import the electronic documents and go directly to the Documents Journal in Continia e-Documents Import.

Continia e-Documents Import with Continia Payment Management and Continia Document Capture

Continia e-Documents Import can also integrate with Continia Payment Management. The integration consists of a codeunit transferring payment information from the received document, to the payment information fields from Continia Payment Management, attached to the created Dynamics NAV or Business Central on premises purchase Invoice which is a result of the registered electronic document. To enable this enter the codeunit id 6014375 (CEDO/DC/PM Register Doc.) in the field Codeunit ID: After Register Doc of the Continia e-Documents Import setup.

To enable transfer of KID payment information from the received document enter the codeunit id 6014375 (CEDO/DC/PM Register Doc.) in the field Codeunit ID: After Register Doc of the Continia e-Documents Import setup. The codeunit can be found in the NO localization.

Usage of conversion codes

In Continia e-Documents Import module there are 2 places where conversion codes can be stored. When allocating Items to the invoice lines, it is possible to populate the Item Cross Reference Table. The conversion is added automatically when Own Type and Own Number fields is set on the Received e-Document page but only if the Create Item Cross Ref. Lines checkbox is selected on the Continia e-Documents Import setup. It is also possible to add G/L accounts to the lines, and these are stored in Continia e-Documents Import Item/Account (G/L) conversion table if the Maintain Conversion Codes checkbox is selected in the Vendor Setup Card.

Direct communication

I am using direct communication with Pagero and I am getting the error “Wrong-user password”. What is wrong?*

Verify the credentials entered in the Continia e-Documents Import setup is consistent with the ones supplied by your VANS-provider.

I want to use Sproom as my VANS-provider. They offer two options; Sproom Connector or SFTP integration. What should I use?

With Continia e-Documents Import you can choose either. The use of Continia e-Documents Import does not differ no matter what you choose. The only difference is how to setup Continia e-Documents Import.

If you want to use SFTP integration with Sproom there is no need for any additional software. The communication goes directly from Sproom to Continia e-Documents Import. The SFTP integration requires a setup done on the Sproom website.

In the Continia e-Documents Import setup you choose Sproom in the Channel field. Then enter the SFTP user credentials in the User ID and Password fields.

If you want to use the Sproom Connector, then you need to install it first. The connector handles the communication with Sproom through file folders. In the Continia e-Documents Import setup you need to choose Deactivated in the Channel field. In the Inbound Path field enter the file path used by the Sproom Connector.


Contact Sproom for more information on how to enable SFTP integration or install the Sproom Connector.

When I compile the codeunit CEDO Communication (6014355) or CEDO XsltConvert Mgt. (6014363) I get an error. How do I resolve it?

Verify the Add-ins are installed in the Add-Ins folder of the service tier. Then verify none of the files in the Add-ins folder are blocked (Right click on the file and choose Properties under Security click Unblock and Apply).


The installation of the needed add-ins could be done by using the Continia e-Documents Import installer. The installer can be found in the root of the product folder. The installer file is called Setup.exe.

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