Setup manual file handling

If you do not use one of the supported VANS-providers, you can import electronic documents using file folders.


If you use multiple companies remember the file paths must be unique per company.

Below you will find a step by step guide to setup manual file handling in Continia e-Documents Import.

  1. Choose the Søg efter side eller rapport icon, enter e-Documents Setup, and then choose the related link.
  2. On the Communication FastTab, in the Channel field, choose Deactivated.
  3. In the Inbound Path field, enter the file path to use when importing received electronic documents.
  4. If the file path entered in step 4 is a client path, then select the Client Path checkbox.


You must ensure the specified path are available to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises service user and it must have read and write permissions. This field supports mapped network drives, hidden shares (using a $) and local paths.

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