Setup of country/region codes and currency codes

When receiving electronic documents, the country/region codes and currency codes in the received documents is not the same as you use in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises.

To be able to handle the conversion between your country/region codes and currency codes and the codes used in the received documents you must setup how to convert them.

  1. Choose the Søg efter side eller rapport icon, enter ISO Country/Currency Conversion, and then choose the related link.

Below you will find a detailed description of each field.

TypeHere you can select the type of conversion you want to create. The following options are available:
ISO CodeHere you enter the ISO code you need to convert. This is the country or currency code from the received document.
CodeHere you choose your country/region code or currency code from Dynamics NAV or Business Central on premises. The ISO code will be converted into this code when registering received documents.
DescriptionDisplays the description of the element you want convert to.


On the ISO Country/Currency Conversion page, you can choose the Create codes action to create the country/region codes and currency codes for Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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