Setup and configuration of Continia e-Documents Import

Here you will find information to help you get started using Continia e-Documents Import for the first time. The pages contains information to help you setup and configure the mandatory areas of Continia e-Documents Import. You will find detailed descriptions of each field and general and special settings to be aware of.

When you have completed the setups, you are ready to use Continia e-Documents Import in your company.


If you have multiple companies, you have to setup each one individually.


The following table lists the setup you have to do with links to topics that describe them.

General setupSetup general settings like default registration, approval and posting settings, validations and file handling.
Setup stylesheetsSetup stylesheets to get an embedded visualization of received electronic document.
Setup country/region codes and currency codesSetup your country/region codes and currency codes and map them to ISO codes used in the received documents.
Setup G/L Account No. and Item No. conversionSetup the mapping of the G/L Account and Item Nos. from the received documents to your own G/L Account and Item Nos.
Setup XML mappingSetup the XML mapping needed to import the electronic documents.
Setup vendorsSetup your vendor to be able to receive electronic documents and register them.

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