User manual


In the user guide you will find information about Continia e-Documents Import and how to setup and use the product.


The following table lists the topics of the user guide with links to topics that describe them.

Product introductionIntroduce you to Continia e-Documents Import and its functionality.
Minimum RequirementsBrief review of the minimum requirements for using Continia e-Documents Export. This includes both system requirements, setup requirements, as well as any enterprise outside your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises.
Setup and configurationSetup and configure Continia e-Documents Import.
Business processesGuide you through key business processes step by step in Continia e-Documents Import.
Video presentationsLearn how to use Continia e-Documents Import. Our Solution Specialists will guide you through how to solve real-life tasks.
FAQFind the answer to your question and save time by not having to contact our support.
Tips and tricksHelp you get the most of your everyday work with Continia e-Documents Import.
GlossaryUnderstand the product specific terminology.

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