Here you will find a list of the product specific terminology for Continia e-Documents Import.

Add-innA term to describe files that support extended functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises.
Direct communicationA term used to describe if you are using a VANS-provider or handling the files by file folders.
e|fakturaThe name of the old legacy product from Continia replaced by Continia e-Documents Export and Continia e-Documents Import.
EHFEHF (Elektronisk Handelsformat) is the Norwegian implementation of the UBL standard and PEPPOL.
Electronic documentA term used to describe the document imported by Continia e-Documents Import.
ISO country/region codeA term used to describe the codes used for country/region in the UBL-formats. The codes are predefined in an ISO code list.
ISO currency codeA term used to describe the codes used for currency in the UBL formats. The codes are predefined in an ISO code list.
Manual file handlingA term used when you use file folders for handling files in e-Documents Export.
OIOUBLOIOUBL (Offentlig Information Online Universal Business Language) is the Danish implementation of the international UBL standard.
PEPPOLPEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) is a cross-border collaboration between multiple countries. The PEPPOL contains a set of Business Interoperability Specification, “BIS”. It defines the documents available for electronic exchange. The PEPPOL is based on the international UBL standard.
Received documentA term used to describe the tables in Continia e-Documents Import that holds the imported electronic document before it is registered and converted into a standard purchase document or journal lines in Dynamics NAV or Business Central on premises.
StylesheetA term to describe the files used to generate the embedded visualization of the received electronic documents.
UBL-formatsAn overall term of the formats based on the UBL (Universal Business Language). Includes EHF, OIOUBL and PEPPOL.
VANS-ProviderA VANS (Value Added Network Service) provider, is a third-party making it possible to send your electronic documents through a worldwide secure network. They validate and send the document to the customer.