Setup stylesheets

User scenario

You want to take advantage of the embedded visualization of the electronic documents to enable you to see the received documents directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises. The setup must be made per. UBL-format and document type. The different UBL-formats and document types uses different stylesheets.

  1. Choose the Søg efter side eller rapport icon, enter e-Documents Setup, and then choose the related link.
  2. On the e-Documents Setup page, choose the Stylesheets action. The Stylesheet Setup page now opens.
  3. In the OIO Type field, choose the UBL-format you want to setup a stylesheet for.
  4. In the Document Type field, choose the document you want to setup a stylesheet for.
  5. In the Default Stylesheet field, enter the file path to the stylesheet file you want to use.

You can now go to the Received e-Document page, and see the embedded visualization of the document on the Source Document FastTab.

Below is an example of a stylesheet setup containing all the supported stylesheets.

OIO TypeDocument TypeDefault Stylesheet
XMLPurchase InvoiceC:\Stylesheet\DK\OIOXML.xsl
XMLPurchase Credit MemoC:\Stylesheet\DK\OIOXML.xsl
XMLPurchase ReminderC:\Stylesheet\DK\OIOXML.xsl
UBLPurchase InvoiceC:\Stylesheet\DK\InvoiceHTML.xsl
UBLPurchase Credit MemoC:\Stylesheet\DK\CreditNoteHTML.xsl
OIO UTSPurchase InvoiceC:\Stylesheet\DK\UtilityStatementHTML.xsl
PEPPOL 2.0Purchase InvoiceC:\Stylesheet\PEPPOL20\Stylesheet_Full.xsl
PEPPOL 2.0Purchase Credit MemoC:\Stylesheet\PEPPOL20\Stylesheet_Full.xsl
PEPPOL 3.0Purchase InvoiceC:\Stylesheet\PEPPOL30\stylesheet-ubl.xslt
PEPPOL 3.0Purchase Credit MemoC:\Stylesheet\PEPPOL30\stylesheet-ubl.xslt


In the setup of the OIO UTS the document types is not important. When styling UTS documents Continia e-Documents Import will look for a setup with OIO Type set to OIO UTS - no matter the document type.

The OIO Type value PEPPOL also covers the EHF UBL-format.

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