Built Inside Dynamics

Continia Software develops and markets solutions under the concept Built Inside Dynamics. We streamline and improve core financial processes by adding valuable functionality to the existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises platform.

Extensive knowledge of Microsoft platforms

This provides unique possibilities and advantages when purchasing Continia Software solutions:

  • User interfaces and way-of-working do not change, and everything will be working seamlessly with the investment you already made in the Microsoft platform.
  • As the code in all Continia Software solutions is BUILT INSIDE Dynamics, no integration is needed between the Microsoft Dynamics platform and our solutions – the code is simply added to your existing platform.
  • The complexity and time spent implementing are reduced given that we build on the existing platform by enhancing and adding new functionality.
  • As the technology in our solutions is the same as in Dynamics NAV and Business Central on premises, it can be implemented and supported by your existing Dynamics NAV and Business Central on premises Partner. External solutions often mean that you need more vendors, both for the solution and the integration.

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