Change Log

In this article you will find information about the changes made in Continia e-Documents Import over time.


Pay attention to emphasized issues as these may need removal of code, removal of objects or other additional handling.

Release 1.11.03

Issue NumberDescription
The XML-Layout file is updated.
Remember to update it.
19791Support for TLS 1.2 for Pagero
Pagero Component updated
Replace Continia.Communication.Pagero.dll with Continia.Communication.Pagero.dll ( in Service Add-Ins folder – and assure the DLL isn’t blocked.
Article with further information can be found on Zendesk.
19810Connection information for KMD updated
If using direct communication with KMD then the connection information must be updated. A subfolder "Update KMD Info" can be found in the Objects\Upgrade folder. This contains a codeunit that can be executed to update the information. The codeunit must be executed for each company in the database. More information can be found in the upgrade section.
18973Incorrect calculation of VAT when registering a document
When registering a document with a G/L Account that has a Bus. VAT posting group that contains VAT and a Vendor that has a Bus. VAT Posting Group that does not have VAT. Then the VAT was not calculated correctly. This means that the unit price on the purchase line is wrong. The unit price is calculated based on a VAT percentage of 25 where it should have been 0.
18671Fix amount when registering a negative EHF or PEPPOL invoice
The setting "Convert negative purchase invoices to Purchase Credit Memos" is added to the general e-Documents Import setup page.
When enabled PEPPOL 3.0 Invoices with a negative total amount is converted into Credit Memos when importing the documents.
The amounts on the received document lines are reversed.
A log entry is created to notify about the document conversion.
20388Integration to DC and PM when using KID reference
Codeunits for integration to PM and DC created to support KID payments.
Added in NO localization to create payment information for KID used by Continia Payment Management.
To utilize this the codeunit must be assigned to the "Codeunit ID: After Register Doc" field on the Continia e-Documents Import setup.
13647Styling of e-documents does not work on Click-Once
When running a Click-Once installation of the client the embedded styling of the document did not work. Codeunit CEDO/DC Get Temp. File Info. P (6014373) fixed to solve the issue.
19955Update of Continia Docs
Added Zendesk article available to use when releasing new version. Partners can subscribe and get notified.
Added questions from latest Zendesk tickets to FAQ article.
Added a new article on how to reimport documents that could not be imported due to errors. Added a section for direct communication and one for file system import.
Added a section to the article on how to install components (add-ins) to cover the installation of the Continia Xlst Converter.
Added section to the article on manuel setting up the XML mapping. A step by step guide added on how to import the XML-Layout.txt file. Added a section to empathize the importance of importing the XML-Layout file.
Added section to the minimum requirements about compatibility and DC from Version 6.00 and later. Links for XML Import module in DC and note about conversion tool.

Release 1.11.02

Issue NumberDescription
The XML-Layout file is updated.
Remember to update it.
Pagero Component updated
Replace Continia.Communication.Pagero.dll with Continia.Communication.Pagero.dll ( in Service Add-Ins folder – and assure the DLL isn’t blocked.
CEDO000447Fixed PEPPOL 3.0 error with line discounts and base quantity
If a PEPPOL 3.0 document contained a "PRICEAMOUNT" tag where the Base Quantity was different than 1 then the discounts on the line was not calculated correctly.
CEDO000448Removed validation of Unit of Measure Code on G/L Account lines
When registering a received document, a validation of Unit of Measure Code was triggered on lines with G/L Accounts. Validation removed and Unit Of Measure Code is cleared on lines with G/L Account.
CEDO000452Fixed an error when identifying EHF 2.0 documents
When identifying a EHF 2.0 document the Customization ID tag was only checked for a PEPPOL 2.0 identifier and not a EHF 2.0 identifier.
CEDO000455Error on direct communication with Pagero API
When using direct communication with Pagero API only the first 20 documents is downloaded from Pagero Online due to a default API document limit of 20 documents.
The error is fixed by introducing a new parameter in the call to Pageros API.
The default limit set is now set to 10000 in codeunit CEDO Communication codeunit (6014355). Remember to replace Continia.Communication.Pagero.dll with Continia.Communication.Pagero.dll ( in Service Add-Ins folder – and assure the DLL isn’t blocked.

Release 1.11.01

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000437Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises 2019 Spring Release 2019 CU 1 (14.00.01).
Support for Business Central on premises 2019 Spring Release 2019 Cumulative Update 1.
CEDO000434Client add-in updated.
The client add in has been updated. The product package has been updated with new installation files. The installation files can be found in the folder Data->Continia DC Add-ins.
CEDO000433Support for Business Central on premises Spring Release 2019 (14.00.00).
Continia e-Documents Import now supports Business Central on premises Spring Release 2019.
Changes in field lengths
Some text fields in the standard application has changed from 50 characters to 100. In Continia e-Documents Import the following fields has been changed:
Table” CEDO Vendor”
- Vendor Name
Table “CEDO Received Document Header”
-“Ship-To Name”
-“Ship-To Address”
-“Ship-To Attention”
-“Vendor Name”
-“Vendor Address”
-- “Vendor Attention”
Table “CEDO Received Doc. Lines”
Table “CEDO Conv. Codes (Receive)”
Table “CEDO Change Log”
-"Changed From"
-"Changed To"
Table “CEDO Accepted Differences”
-"Bill-To Name"
-Parameter length changed in the functions "SetBillToName" and "GetBillToName".
CEDO000431Support for Business Central on premise CU4 (13.00.04).
Continia e-Documents Import now supports Business Central on premises CU 4 (Fall Release 2018).

Release 1.11

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000430Fixed an issue with VAT when no VAT percent is present on the document line.
When an electronic document does not have a VAT percent stated on the document line level the VAT percent was set to -1.
This is changed so the VAT percent is taken from the TaxTotal tag of the document if no line VAT percent is present.
CEDO000427Support for PEPPOL 3.0 (EHF 3.0).
Support for Invoice and Credit Memo.
The XML layout now supports PEPPOL 3.0 invoice and credit memo.

Styling of PEPPOL 2.0 and EHF 2.0
Please note that an additional option value “PEPPOL 2.0” is added to the CEDO stylesheets setup. Previously the option value “UBL” was used. The option value “PEPPOL 2.0” must be used when styling both PEPPOL 2.0 and EHF 2.0 documents.
Styling of PEPPOL 3.0 documents.
Option value “PEPPOL 3.0” added to CEDO stylesheet setup.

New method when styling electronic documents – introduction of a DLL file.
With the support for PEPPOL 3.0 the way we style the XML documents has changed. Now all styling of XML files is handled by a new component Continia.XsltConverter ( The component handles the styling of documents and the output is now an HTML file. Previously is was an XML file.
Please note that the styling of PEPPOL 3.0 documents is only supported for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and later or Business Central on premises. Please also be aware that styling of PEPPOL 3.0 documents in the Web Approval Portal is not supported yet. An update of the portal will follow later.

New button on the received document journal and document card page.
The button “View Document” is added to show the styled document. The button “XML Document” is changed to show the source XML file without styling the document.
New functions for handling PEPPOL 3.0
New functions added to codeunit CEDO Receive Document 6014353 to handle special data processing.

Release 1.10.02

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO0003428Error in SFTP Component. Update SFTP version to
An error in the SFTP component version caused a blockage on all communication. The component has been updated and the reference in the CEDO Communication codeunit.
Replace Continia.Communication.SFTP.dll with Continia.Communication.SFTP.dll ( in Service Add-Ins folder – and assure the DLL isn’t blocked.

Release 1.10.01

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000362Handling of a rounding amount.
When an electronic document contains a rounding amount there was no handling of this. This caused an error when transferring the received document to a purchase document. The XML layout has been updated to make it possible to handle a rounding amount. If the XML tag "PayableRoundingAmount” is present in the file a line is created with a predefined value of "Rounding" in the field "Vendor Item No." and the description "Rounding Amount".
CEDO000390The button “Collapse All” and “Expand/Collapse” did in some cases not work properly.
On the XML version page the buttons did not always work as intended. The “Collapse All” did not collapse all the elements in the page. The button “Expand/Collapse” some times made elements not visible.
CEDO000363Transfer of KID payment reference to purchase document.
The codeunit "CEDO Register Doc." (6014357) is created in a NO version. This codeunit transfers the "Payment ID" from the received document to the "KID" on the purchase invoice. To enable this, enter the codeunit id in the Continia e-Documents Import setup field "Codeunit ID: After Register Doc.".
CEDO000343When entering a value in “Inbound Path” in the setup an error was raised if the SFTP DLL was not installed.
When entering a value in the field "Inbound Path" on the general setup an error is raised if the DLL file are not present. When using import from a file path the DLL should not be required. The error is fixed by moving the function call on the OnValidate trigger of field “Inbound Path” from the CEDO Communication codeunit to the setup table.
CEDO000258Tooltips on fields and actions on pages.
Tooltips have been made for all supported languages.
CEDO000359Handling of namespaces other than standard.
If a file uses other namespaces than standard (CAC, CBC) then the import fails. This has been fixed.
CEDO000296CfMD Certification.
The solution has been CfMD Certified. In connection to this the following changes has been made:
-Controls with missing CaptionML has been fixed.
-Product documentation updated.
-Developers Guide has been created.
CEDO000330The tag “AccountingCost” has a wrong datatype in the XML version.
The XML Layout file had a wrong datatype on the xml tag "AccountingCost". The type was decimal and is now changed to Text. The correction is made on both header and line level in the XML Layout.
CEDO000340If an embedded file had a file extension of more than 10 characters, the import fails.
In some cases an electronic document with an embedded file had a file extension that was too long to insert in the attached documents table. The field "Document Type" has been extended from 10 to 20 characters.
CEDO000387Handling of reverse charge VAT when transferring lines to purchase document.
When transferring a received document to a purchase document the amounts where wrong if the VAT posting setup is of type "Reverse Charge VAT".
CEDO000149Transferring Unit of Measure code on G/L Account lines.
When creating a purchase document from the received document the unit of measure code was not transferred when lines had type "G/L Account".
CEDO000291When closing the page “XML Version” it gives an error if no filter is set.
An error was raised if the user did not set a filter on a format and document type. The reason was a validation made on the XML version in a wrong way. The error is fixed. If a filter is not set on the page all of the different formats and document types are validated.
CEDO000391Register Batch does not work if a filter is set.
The button "Register Batch" did not respect the filter set on the document journal. This is fixed and a confirm has been introduced when pressing the button. The confirm also informs of the number of documents to be registered.
CEDO000397Purchaser Code on Purchase document was assigned blank value from received document.
In cases where the Purchaser Code does not have a value on the received document header then the standard purchase document was assigned a blank value. The error is fixed and the field on the purchase document is only assigned if the received document header has a value.
CEDO000399If using the button “Vender Setup” on the document journal not all fields was assigned.
When pressing the button "Vendor Setup Card" on the document journal some fields where not transferred from the general setup to the vendor setup:
-Amount Approval Validation
-Extract fee line
-Extract Fee Line Account
CEDO000409UTS (Utility statement) not imported if it is imported before the invoice.
UTS documents were not imported if the parent document did not already exist as a received document. The error is now fixed and UTS document are always imported.
An entry in the log is made when the UTS is imported. The entry specifies that the UTS is imported or imported and matched with its parent document. When the UTS is imported first and the parent document is imported later the matching also creates an entry in the log with a note that the UTS is matched.
CEDO000412Pagero Component updated.
Pagero component has been signed and strongnamed.
Replace Continia.Communication.Pagero.dll with Continia.Communication.Pagero.dll ( in Service Add-Ins folder – and assure the DLL isn’t blocked.
CEDO000406Support for Business Central on premise CU1.
Continia e-Documents Import now supports BC CU1.
CEDO000411Validation of item lines with 100 pct. discount.
Item lines with a 100 pct. line discount did not get validated. The reason was that validation of item lines only happpened when amount is bigger than 0. The validation is modified to validate lines with full discount. Now the validation also checks if the “Vendor Item No.” is present on the line. If this is the case then the validation will require the user to enter the fields "Own type" and "Own No.".
CEDO000386Installer for Continia e-Documents Import.
A "Setup.exe" has been created and placed in the product package. The Setup file can be used to start an installer to help with:
-Easy access to .fob files.
-Easy access to the documentation.
-Easy installation of DLL files and add-Ins.
-Validation of connection to VANS provider.
CEDO000413Error in the calculation of unit prices and line discounts in EHF format.
In the EHF format the unit price was calculated with discounts included. According to the format unit prices are excluding discounts. The field "Unit Amount Without Line Discount" is introduced on the general setup and the vendor setup to enable this.
CEDO000415SFTP Component updated.
SFTP component has been signed and strongnamed.
Two new parameters in the constructor has been introduced:
-Idle Timeout
Error code (25) has been added.
Replace Continia.Communication.SFTP.dll with Continia.Communication.SFTP.dll ( in Service Add-Ins folder – and assure the DLL isn’t blocked.

Release 1.10

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000389Support for Business Central on premise.
Functions from codeunit 1, used in setup changed as codeunit 1 is removed.
CEDO000278Fixed an error when importing and the customer has value other that “All Lines” in field “Line Create Method”.
CEDO000240Updated XML Layout to be able to import PEPPOL invoice and Credit Note.
CEDO000294Fixed an error when a Continia e-Documents Import vendor is renamed. The table with VAT/EAN Nos. was not updated.
CEDO000307Continia.Communication.Pagero.DLL updated (version
CEDO000177Continia.Communication.SFTP updated (version 1.08).
-Fixed an error when importing a document with VAT and with data in the datatag “Taxscheme name”.
The error was caused by a MODIFY in Codeunit 6014353 CEDO Receive Document in processing of the following datatags:

When importing documents from the vendor Ørsted Sales & Distribution A/S the problem often shows itself.

Release 1.09

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000146Updated menu name to “e-documents Import”.
CEDO000151Optimized the Version pane in Continia e-Documents Import Setup.
CEDO000160Optimized file import (BASE64).
CEDO000266ERR files don’t get imported over and over any longer.
CEDO000269When checking amounts on approval (Continia Document Capture functionality) it was done wrong on CEDO documents.
-Swedish and Norwegian captions. Swedish caption on the Norwegian Stylesheet so it can be used by Swedish customers.
-When registering the received document to a purchase invoice the Giro No. (if used) is inserted into the field “Creditor No.” on the purchase header in Dynamics NAV 2018 (only DK localization).

Release 1.08

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000145Updated the XML Layout to be able to use 35 chars. from the tag SELLERORDERID in OIOXML and SALESORDERID in OIOUBL.
CEDO000147Fixed an error when importing files and using vendor payment terms.
CEDO000150Support for large certificate files (larger than 1024 bytes).
CEDO000156Support for new file handling in Continia Document Capture.
CEDO000157Changed the way we calculate unit price in relation to quantity.
CEDO000158Fixed an error when importing a file with lots of info in the tag ADDITIONALINFORMATION.

Release 1.07

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000098We have made it possible to set the posting date directly on the document card.
CEDO000103It is now possible to reopen a registered document.
CEDO000052Possibility to set a default G/L account to extract fees to.
CEDO000096Line Creation Method was not set according to the default settings from e-documents setup when creating new Vendor Setup Cards.
CEDO000102Improved performance when processing documents.
CEDO000105User ID field have been expanded in table 6014375.
CEDO000104Some changes in the XML layout file.
CEDO000106We can now handle XML files with Linefeed code ( ) in the attached file section.
CEDO000107Namespace I creditnote files now supported.
CEDO000110Documents with “Sproom” value in the tag “EncodedDocument” is handled correct.
CEDO000113Lookup in the Journal Name fields (Continia e-Documents Import setup) had wrong filters.
CEDO000119Fixed an error where a vendor’s item no. longer than 10 chars. Would cause an error if a link to a purchase order is removed.
CEDO000120New component supporting direct communication to Sproom.
CEDO000121It is possible to have more than one accepted vendor name.
CEDO000122Attached files will get the category DRAGNDROP make the Continia Document Capture archive more clean.
CEDO000126Payment ID containing other chars. than digits are being ignored when inserted as payment information.
CEDO000128E-doc doesn’t look for blocked vendors.
CEDO000130The fields ”Use Due Date from”, “Use Pmt. Discount Date from” and “Use Pmt. Discount % from” has been merged to one field: “Use Payment Terms from”. Please update the field after upgrading.
CEDO000131Pagero supported (Still in beta)
Direct communication transfers in memory only. New UTS handling.
CEDO000142Namespace problem from NETS fixed

Release 1.06

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000018Norwegian KID payment reference was not imported correct.
CEDO000020Handling of received document without Payment Due date: Now calculated from Vendor Payment Terms.
CEDO000026Options for line creation: Available option are: All, Single or none (last option requires to add lines during approval).
CEDO000027UTS files not imported were deleted from inbound folder.
CEDO000028Multiple AllowanceCharge tags per line was not handled.
CEDO000031Option to skip creation on Payment information lines as text after registration.
EF00001475Reload All function added to Document Journal.
EF00001796“Price Incl. VAT” option on Vendor Card is now supported.
CEDO000032Reference no. on received document was limited to 20 characters. Now increased to 35.
CEDO000034Codeunit to create CEDO Permission Sets.
EF00001860ApprovalLimits on Approval entries are now supported (Continia Document Capture version 4.07 functionality integration).
CEDO000030Tracebility from e-Documents Journal to the created/posted document based on the preassigned document number.
CEDO000031Option to deselect creating of payment information as text lines.
CEDO00047Now possible to update purchase orders without creating recept lines.
CEDO000048CEDO-PM integration codeunit 6014376 that works without Continia Document Capture.
EF00001591Reload all function added to Document Journal.
EF0001796Now supporting “Prices including VAT” on Vendor settings.

Release 1.05

Issue NumberDescription
CEDO000003Removed “Parent Tag” control during import of XML Layout file.
CEDO000012Problem with many decimals in Unit Price.
CEDO000015Clientside/Serverside coded as in Continia Document Capture. Enables server side import and show documents. Enables possibility for NAS import.
EF00001614Usage of Dynamics NAV runtime Temporary paths in stead of configured path.
EF00001786Now running components on service tier to avoid message boxes.
EF00001923Renamed Page Document List to Document Journal.
EF00001926Register All function added to Document Journal.
EF00001927Option to view created Purchase Invoice or not.
Hotfix1Attached documents imported prior to Continia e-Documents Import 1.04 had lost reference to source document. Hotfix1 fixes the lost reference.
-Performance improvement tested on document import. Approx. 40% quicker than Continia e-Documents Import 1.04.

Release 1.04

Issue NumberDescription
1847When matching with Purchase Order, Continia e-Documents Import now creates a Purchase Invoice with delivery lines, for updating the Order (like in Continia Document Capture). This enables the exact same approval workflow as in Continia Document Capture.
1853When adding own type and own number to a received invoice line, Continia e-Documents Import can now populate Cross Reference table on Item Card.
1859After registration of a document, the created document is opened.
1864Receive from different VAT or EAN number from a single Dynamics NAV vendor is now possible.
1866Embedded or attached files are added to Continia Document Capture Drag and Drop fact box. These files are pushed through the approval flow all the way to the web portal if used (requires Continia Document Capture).
1869Styling of OIOXML is now also supported on the created Purchase Documents (Continia Document Capture required and only from Dynamics NAV 2013 or later).
1898Payment information is added as text lines before registration.
1857Functionality to send payment information to Payment Management (if present in database) Possibility to add custom CU to transfer Payment information.
1858Automatic creation of Vendor Partner Card if VAT/Company code is matched between invoice sender and Vendor.
-Multiple design adaption to increase Continia Document Capture look into e-Documents pages. More obsolete fields are removed. Upgrade objects created when upgrading from Continia e-Documents Import version prior to version 1.04.
1867Reopen registered document now allows to delete a created document, and handle it again in Continia e-Documents Import for re-registration.

Release 1.03

Issue NumberDescription
1852Fixed a table name in Dynamics NAV 2016 to use the Continia Document Capture Client Add in for styling received electronic documents.
1854Fixed styling problem when operating on a multi-Tier system.
1846Added feature to skip line capture by adding an invoice total line before registration.
1851Duplicate File Check- option added in setup. As default check is enabled.
1846Added feature to add same General Ledger account to all Purchase Invoice lines.
-Now retrieving Purchaser Code from Vendor Card automatically when creating purchase invoices.