Upgrade from version 1.00 or 1.03

In the development of Continia e-Documents Import version 1.0 we have deleted some fields in the e-Documents Setup table regarding how to use payment terms.


Before you begin the update please take note of what the settings are in the Use Due Date from, Use Pmt. Discount Date from and Use Pmt. Discount % from fields and set up the new field Use Payment Terms from accordingly when the upgrade is complete.


If Continia e-Documents Import is currently installed with version 1.00 or 1.03, you need to run the upgrade code for Continia e-Documents Import version 1.04 before upgrading to version 1.05!

If Continia e-Documents Import is installed in a database with version 1.00-1.03 there is a functional change in the handling of VAT codes. In the old version of Continia e-Documents Import, the Vendor Partner Card operated with a ID which consisted of a VAT number and in some cases a GLN/EAN number. This has been changed in version 1.04. Continia e-Documents Import now inserts VAT and EAN numbers into a separate table, enabling the possibility to add more VAT numbers to a single Vendor. In order to do the modification in the objects, a Codeunit must first move the VAT and GLN/EAN number to the new table.

  1. In the Continia e-Documents Import product folder, choose the Objects folder.

  2. Choose the Upgrade folder.

  3. Choose the CEDO1.04 folder.

  4. Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment and import the two text files TAB6014367 and COD50104.

  5. Compile the imported objects from step 4.

    Both text files are compatible with all Continia e-Documents Import supported Dynamics NAV or Business Central on premises, and just needs to be compiled after import.

  6. On Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, choose the Run button on codeunit50104.

    The codeunit must be run in all companies running Continia e-Documents Import.

  7. Verify that the Partner ID, VAT Registration No. and Partner Code fields all have been deleted by looking up a Vendor Partner Card page.

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