Why am I missing a menu item?


I can't see specific menu items. What causes this, and how can I fix it?


There are several reasons why you a menu item might be missing in Business Central, and here are the potential solutions:

  • Assisted Setup - run the assisted setup menu in Document Output. This feature helps verify and load any missing components, including menus, which might not be displayed due to incomplete setup configurations. Run the setup guide by selecting the search icon and entering Document Output Assisted Setup Guide.
  • Personalized Setup - some companies have personalized configurations in Business Central, which can result in specific menus being hidden or modified. To address this, you should contact your administrator to verify if the menu is intentionally personalized or can be made visible.
  • Permissions Issue - the visibility of menus in Business Central can also be tied to user permissions. It will not be visible if your user account lacks the appropriate permissions to access a specific menu. You should consult your administrator to check and adjust your permissions to resolve this.