How long does the CDN setup take?


How long does the onboarding process for CDN take? I onboarded my client, but still can't send out e-documents.


The setup time depends on the following:

  1. Your preparations - depending on whether you are connected to a different access point and whether you managed to gather all the required information for the setup. For more details on preparing the CDN connection, see the Preparing for electronic invoicing using Continia Delivery Network article.

  2. Registration by Continia - Continia will conduct the technical registration to the global eDelivery Network. The time required to complete the technical registration varies depending on the chosen framework, ranging from as little as one hour (Peppol) up to a few days (NemHandel).

  3. The e-document setup - when you've completed the Continia Delivery Network Onboarding assisted setup guide, you've created what's known as a participation. A participation is any organization or legal entity that has joined – or requested to join – the Continia Delivery Network and is now registered.

    Once you have finished registering for participation, you must add the Participation ID to the e-document setup to send documents. Refer to the Setting up the Continia Delivery Network article.