How do I resend an e-doc through the CDN?


I want to resend an e-doc, but I cannot seem to do it. Can I resend any e-doc, such as Peppol or OIOUBL documents?


If you are unable to resend an e-doc, it is likely because the document has already been successfully sent. Resending is only possible when the e-doc encounters an error during the initial sending process.

To resend an e-doc, it must have the error message "failed" displayed in the outgoing Network Documents menu. To check the status of your document, go to the Outgoing Network Documents page. If the status indicates "failed," you can proceed with the resending process:

  1. Open the source document of the e-doc with the "failed" status.
  2. Locate the Doc. Out FactBox, and select Send e-document to attempt resending the e-doc.

Note that if the document status is "draft," the e-doc was not sent out initially and consequently can't be resent. In this case, ensure the document is prepared correctly and try sending it again.