About Peppol

Peppol is an electronic invoicing XML standard defined by the EU, but over the years, it's been accepted by a number of countries all over the world. As of late 2022, 18 countries have a designated Peppol authority that defines the rules of registration for each country as well as potential minor format variants that meet invoicing regulations specific to the country. The Peppol eDelivery Network is not limited to these countries. If nothing else has been specified in a country, any registered business can sign up for the Peppol network using the International BIS3 standard for signing up.

Everybody who signs up for Continia Delivery Network must be validated by Continia—a process known as KYC (Know Your Customer)—before they’re allowed to use it. At the end of the validation process, a document is sent (by email) to the applicant requesting acceptance of the terms of use. This process is mandatory for all Peppol service providers, and it's your guarantee that everyone using Peppol is exactly who they claim to be.

Using Continia Delivery Network eliminates the need for an external transaction partner when you send or receive Peppol documents. Moreover, you don't need to install service components for sending files or to use file folders as temporary export points. Delivery Network is integrated directly into Business Central, meaning you can always be sure that sent files are safe, unedited, and encrypted.

The Peppol format is used in many countries, and in most cases the format is called Peppol. In the article Supported Electronic Document Formats, you can find information about in which countries Peppol is supported.