Document Capture Setup

Most of the basic document approval settings – including those for approval workflows, force approval, four-eyes approval, and approval checks and validations – can be edited from the Document Capture Setup page. This article describes how to access and edit these settings and how to enable purchase approval in the first place.

To set up puchase approval

To enable and set up Document Capture puchase approval, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Document Capture Setup, and then choose the related link.
  2. On the General FastTab, under Purchase Approval, select the field to the right of Status to open the Edit - Document Capture Setup / Purchase Approval page.
  3. Under General, you can enable the following kinds of approval by toggling their respective switches:
  4. To enable four-eyes approval, go to 4-eyes Approval and select either Required or Required - both with full amounts limits, depending on what you prefer. Under 2nd Approver, specify if the second approver should be selected manually or automatically. For more details, see Four-Eyes Approval.
  5. If you want amounts and/or dimensions to be checked during or before approval (the latter only applies to dimensions), go to Checks and Validation and fill in the fields as needed.

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