New Category for Creating and Updating Purchase Orders

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New category for creating and updating purchase ordersCheckmark Mar 2023Checkmark Apr 2023

Business value

With the addition of this feature, the creation and updating of purchase orders can be automated in Continia Document Capture, so that you no longer have to create or update them manually yourself. This not only saves a lot of time, but also ensures higher data quality, as the data originates directly from the vendors themselves.

Feature details

A new document category will be added to make it possible for you to have purchase orders created or updated automatically based on data recognized in another document (typically an order confirmation from the vendor).

When a purchase order is created this way, the recognized data can be, for example, item numbers, price, and quantity, or virtually anything else that you might find relevant to capture in the document from the vendor. The updating of purchase orders will be based on a limited number of selected fields: Vendor Order No., Vendor Shipment No., Promised Receipt Date, Quantity, and Direct Unit Cost.

For more information, see The Purchase Order Category.