Continia Collection Management Trials and Subscriptions

You can use Collection Management in several different ways, and some of these can even be combined. Each of the various methods is described in more detail below.

Sign up for a trial

If you’d like to try out Collection Management before subscribing, you can sign up for a free trial here– simply select Free trial in the upper-left corner. This free trial gives you access to all Collection Management functionality for up to 30 days or until the maximum number of collection orders have been sent. Following the trial period, or at any point during it, you can easily subscribe to Collection Management if you want. You’ll already be up and running when you subscribe, and you can then continue working with the same data as in the trial period.

To get familiar with Collection Management, see Getting started with Continia Collection Management.

For any questions you might have, please reach out to your certified Continia partner. You can find more information here.

Start a subscription

To get the full version of Collection Management on a more permanent basis and with absolutely no limitations or strings attached, you can always subscribe and get started right away. In this way you can start benefiting from the app and using it for real sooner than with a trial, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started.

To subscribe to Collection Management, simply reach out to your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner. Your partner will help you with all subscription-related matters and get you up and running fast. In fact, it’s important that you’re assisted by your partner when you activate any version of Collection Management, as this ensures that you get off to a good start and that everything is done properly. For more information, see Finding a Reseller of Continia Collection Management.

You can ask your partner any questions you might have. If you’re looking for further inspiration or would like to familiarize yourself with Collection Management, there’s plenty of useful information under Getting started with Continia Collection Management.

Set up a sandbox

Looking for a safe way to test and try out things in Collection Management? Then a sandbox may be the way to go for you. Sandboxes let you practice and experiment without the risk of losing any valuable data or breaking anything in production.

Your administrator can set up one or more sandbox accounts alongside your production environment, even if you’ve signed up for a trial. No data is transferred from any of the sandbox accounts to your production environment, so playing around with sandbox data is completely risk-free.

To get started with sandboxes, please contact your existing Business Central partner. For more information, see Finding a Reseller of Continia Collection Management.

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