Understanding Continia Core

Continia Core is an internal app that’s used in and required by all Continia solutions. From a user perspective, the app is practically unnoticeable, but it's absolutely essential from a technical point of view, given that it’s an integral building block in all Continia solutions.

The app is used for activation and for registering consumption but also includes a range of other very important features used by multiple Continia solutions, such as frameworks for handling telemetry and web communication.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central online, Continia Core is installed automatically, while in Business Central on-premises it can be installed using our custom installation scripts. This is why you can see the app under Installed Extensions in Business Central (choose the Search icon, enter Extension Management, and then choose the related link).

Key tools

Below you’ll find some of the key tools in Continia Core:

Continia Solution ManagementFunctionality and pages to help you manage virtually all aspects of your Continia solutions in terms of activation, modules, companies, usage, billing, and more.
Feature ManagementA release program that allows certain new features to be turned on or off before the next major release.
Consent ManagementA tool that ensures that all users have given proper consent before using any Continia solution.
Usage ManagementA unified way of reporting and sending usage information to Continia for billing purposes.
Technical modulesModules that enable you to work with HTTP, XML files, JSON, Azure Blob Storage, cryptography, notifications, and more in Business Central.

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